How to add list business?

We want to help you connect with potential customers directly and that's why we will make this so easy for you.


Our business model simple. We will add your datacenter information to Infrapedia Atlas automatically as long as it's listed in PeeringDB. There is no cost, no requirement here. 

Would you like to add additional data about your datacenter listed?

  1. PeeringDB does not currently list amount of space and power and other specifics in their database. We are happy to help add these additional fees as long as you are willing to cover one-time software development costs.

  2. Simply email tell us about additional data you would like to add, we will work with you closely to get this added to our website.

Please remember (as well as its only affiliate Kapany Networks, Inc.) DOES NOT ACCEPT commissions, referral and agency fees from Datacenter or Network VENDORS. This ensures our customers receive absolutely best possible price

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