Infrapedia Version 2 Beta Testing Begins

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The Internet is a living organism. It’s constantly evolving, growing, changing, reaching new places and more people. That’s why Infrapedia continues to grow and adapt itself to the ever-changing environment of the world’s internet infrastructure.

Since its conception as The Network Atlas many years ago, Infrapedia has gone through several rounds of evolution that have made into the world’s largest online encyclopedia of the world’s internet infrastructure.

Infrapedia’s map is not only a useful learning tool, but it’s also a very powerful asset that has the potential to help companies from all industries exponentially boost their connectivity and reach into the regions they aim to cover. Plus, Infrapedia’s team of experts is also available to provide customized services that include custom maps, data, and more.

The Next Step

Infrapedia is launching its beta test version of Infrapedia 2.0. For the last few months, a team of passionate engineers has worked tirelessly to develop a better and improved interactive map and repository of the Internet’s infrastructure.

With thousands of objects about subsea cables, data centers, terrestrial networks, internet exchanges and owners, Infrapedia 2.0 will allow us to improve the dataset through crowdsourcing and collaboration between us and our community members. This means that owners of submarine cable(s), data centers and terrestrial networks can now be assigned administrative access in order to update and maintain their data on our platform.

On March 26, 2o2o, Infrapedia is officially launching the first official beta test of the 2.0 platform. We’re inviting all interested users to test it out and help us make it even better by sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Visit the new version of the live internet infrastructure map, take a look at our website and make sure to get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest developments taking place at Infrapedia.

Infrapedia Global Internet Infrastructure Map